A Service From The Faith Communities of Belize

for all Belizeans

What does the Chaplain Service do?

Chaplains visit our major hospitals and provide immediate comfort and care to patients, family and staff.  A word of love, a prayer if wanted, and we can arrange for a follow up visit from our network of faith leaders if needed.

Who can be a Chaplain?

Chaplains need to be over 25 years old, have a reference from their community, undertake a short spiritual and hospital training, and be compassionate and spiritually grounded.  They can come from any faith or denomination. They typically serve once or twice each month.

Who does the Chaplain Service serve?

We serve any patient who finds themself in hospital, their families, visitors and hospital staff, regardless of belief.  Chaplains are recognised by the Ministry of Health, and wear an id badge at all times when on duty.

Who runs the Service?

The BCS is an initiative of the Belize Council of Churches in conjunction with the Belize Evangelical Alliance and other faith organisations.  It is entirely voluntary and funded by charitable donations.

How can I find out more?

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